Docker, CoreOS, IBM, AWS, Google, Red Hat & enterprise CTOs discuss disruption, competition & collaboration in containers & the Cloud

Container technology is definitely shaking up the software delivery market. It is not only developer support which is driving the prominence of containers within future enterprise IT, decision makers are also already supporting the use of the open source software platform.

Containers are a key component of the future cloud native computing landscape, and excitement is growing ahead of Container World which is the first vendor neutral knowledge and networking show to bring the pilots steering the shift in enterprise IT to the stage.

“As the company that democratized containers, organizations en masse are leveraging Docker to deploy the next generation of distributed applications,” said Patrick Chanezon, Chief Developer Advocate at Docker ahead of his presentation on February 17, 2016. “At Container World, we look forward to discussing the shift that is taking place toward a “Containers as a Service (CaaS)” model, where Devs and Ops can build, ship, and run applications across any infrastructure (public, private and/or hybrid), operating system (Linux, Windows) and architecture (x86, ARM).”

Opinion sharing will not be missing from the timely event, and fellow Container World presenter, Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS, commented that “The world’s containers run on CoreOS, and thus with our experience we have been a driver of and seen the important steps made for container security and efficiency. We are looking forward to participating in an event like Container World that will bring a healthy discussion on containers today.”

In addition to keynotes from Docker, CoreOS, IBM, Red Hat, Google, Mesos, AWS and more, will be the IT end users striving ahead of their industry competitors using containers and future cloud native technologies. The CTO of the City of LA, Managing VP Engineering & CTO at Capital One Auto Finance, Sr. Director, Product Management, Cloud & Platforms, PayPal, VP – Enterprise IT Architecture at the Bank of the West and Chief Engineer, Cloud and Platforms, eBay will be just some of the thought leaders to share detailed insight into the speed, scalability and financial gains brought by container technology.

There will be some lively Q&A time at the Santa Clara Convention Center, as the solution players all currently collaborating in a coopetitive environment shed light on what’s next, and examine the work of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Open Container Initiative. A unique opportunity will be given to hear end user speakers question the technology providers steering the cloud native path; Bunchball DevOps Engineer, Joe Schneider, has already commented in an interview with us that “the likes of Mesosphere, or Docker Swarm, say, ‘we can deploy ten thousand containers in like thirty seconds’ – and similar claims. Well, that’s a really synthetic test: these kinds of numbers are 100% hype.” It will be interesting to hear what others’ responses will be to such statements.

Yet the container conversation is just one part of the cloud native momentum that is changing software delivery and IT infrastructure. And those such as Docker’s first venture investor, Dan Scholnick, General Partner at Trinity Ventures will ensure the event’s discussion is not limited to container technology alone. Container World will be setting the roadmap for what’s next in enterprise IT, allowing Dan to expand on why he thinks “we’re going to see massive adoption of microservices in the next 3-5 years and we’re likely going to see some big companies built around the microservices ecosystem”.

With such a full line up of technology players though, I’m sure Dan’s view that “Docker certainly has a role to play in this new market: Docker is really what’s enabling it” will be explored thoroughly!

We look forward you to joining the debate!

Container World will take place on February 17 & 18, 2016 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA. Get up to speed on Containers at the pre-event, technical training day led by InfoSiftr on February 16, 2016.

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