CoreOS releases Tectonic to General Availability

After months if not years of development and beta testing with many users CoreOS is taking the wraps off its Tectonic  complete container infrastructure stack. We have reported several times on Tectonic as it has passed through its development stages (here and here).  As of this morning Tectonic Enterprise is now in GA.

Tectonic contains everything you need to run a complete container stack including Kubernetes and a full line of CoreOS products. Among these are:

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  • Tectonic Console
    • Provides a complete view of your Tectonic clusters.
    • Includes a curated stack that includes the most trusted open source technologies such as CoreOS Linux (painlessly updating operating system), etcd (key-value data store) and Kubernetes (container cluster manager by Google).
  • Tectonic Identity
    • Built with CoreOS’ newest open source project, dex, this provides cluster-wide single sign-on based on the OpenID Connect standard, integrated into all Tectonic tools.
  • CoreUpdate
    • Gives greater control over the update process of CoreOS machines, which are served from behind a firewall.
  • Quay Enterprise as an included application that sits on top of Tectonic
    • The most secure container registry, Quay Enterprise, secures your containers behind your firewall.

I spoke yesterday with CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi.  He believes that Tectonic gives users the ability to run Google-like infrastructure in their own enterprises. As important it also allows for the popular containerization of apps in production environments. This is a major step forward at a time when most container deployments are still on test and dev servers, not in production.

Alex told me that in the CoreOS way, they actually developed a slew of new technology for Tectonic in addition to using Google Kubernetes which has been given to the Cloud Native Foundation. All of these new modules and codes have been spun off as open source individually.  Pulling them all together into Tectonic was the key.  Pricing for Tectonic is priced per tiered aggregate memory.

Here is a screen shot of the Tectonic Console:


Colm Keegan, cloud analyst from ESG said this about Tectonic: “Many organizations are interested in leveraging container technology to enable continuous application innovation, faster time to market and improved operational efficiencies across hybrid cloud environments. But the lack of manageability, security and isolation often serves as an obstacle towards container adoption. CoreOS’ Tectonic offering addresses these concerns by providing a consistent and simplified operational framework that can be utilized to securely and more easily manage containers across hybrid cloud infrastructure. This can potentially enable businesses to reduce costs, enhance their Dev/Ops capabilities and gain a competitive edge through more rapid application development and deployment.”

In addition to the general availability announcement CoreOS also announced that its Tectonic Summit is taking place in NYC on December 3rd. They have also opened a new engineering office in Berlin and appointed Joe Beda, who started Google Compute Engine and helped to found Kubernetes to is advisory board.

More information can be found on their blog at :

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