August 16, 2017

The Inherent Security Benefits of Docker Containers

May 18, 2017 0 572

Most blog posts about Docker security focus on how to make containers more secure. But it’s also worth appreciating the inherent security benefits that come with containers. Keep reading for insights on how using containers can make ...

Red Hat Updates OpenShift Container Platform

Jan 23, 2017 0 829

As part of a concerted effort to become a major driver in the shift toward containers, Red Hat has added support for the latest instance of Kubernetes container orchestration engine and the ability to provision container storage ...

CoreOS Unveils ‘Self-Driving’ Kubernetes

Dec 12, 2016 1 965

At a Tectonic Summit 2016 conference today CoreOS unveiled an implementation of the Kubernetes container orchestration software that it promises to update continuously. CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi says the “self-driving” implementation of Kubernetes, dubbed CoreOS Tectonic, will ...