September 23, 2017

Shippable Uses Containers to Marry DevOps, Private Clouds

Jul 11, 2017 0 316

One of the downstream benefits of embracing Docker containers is that it makes it much easier to implement a private cloud as an extension of a public cloud. Containerized applications that might be built on a public ...

Shippable Updates Docker-Based CI Platform

Sep 1, 2016 0 1100

Shippable‘s continuous integration (CI) platform has received new automation and visibility features with the release of what the company is calling the next-generation version of the Docker-based product. Like other CI platforms, such as Jenkins and TeamCity, ...

Shippable brings continuous integration to containers

Jul 7, 2015 0 1513

Containers have evolved quickly from a nascent niche concept to a mainstream technology. The popularity of containers has sparked its own cottage industry—the existence of this website included—dedicated to fostering and facilitating the use of containers to ...