SUSE Siloscape security-as-code Docker

SUSE Integrates Container Security Platform With Rancher

At the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 conference, SUSE announced it has made the NeuVector container security platform available as an open source product. That platform has also been submitted to the ...
SUSE container Weaveworks container security ThreatStack Qualys

SUSE Extends Podman Reach to Kubernetes Deployments

SUSE has updated the instance of the open source Podman container management tool to now make it possible to also deploy workloads on Kubernetes clusters. In addition, support for Kubernetes liveness probes ...
SUSE Bolsters Kubernetes-based CaaS

SUSE Announces Harvester HCI Platform Based on Kubernetes

SUSE announced an open source hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform, dubbed Harvester, is now generally available. Harvester is based on Kubernetes and other open source technologies the company is advancing. Sheng Liang, president ...
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Rancher’s Longhorn Project

CNCF Advances Longhorn Distributed Block Storage Platform

The Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has voted to advance the Longhorn distributed block storage system for Kubernetes to the next level. Longhorn was originally developed ...
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SUSE Aqua Security Extends Platform Reach

SUSE Makes NeuVector Container Security Platform Open Source

SUSE has acquired NeuVector to add an enterprise-grade container security tool to its cloud-native computing portfolio. That will soon become available as open source software, the company says. Sheng Liang, president of ...
SUSE multi-cluster Operator Framework

SUSE Updates Rancher Platform for Kubernetes

SUSE this week made available its first update to the Rancher platform for managing Kubernetes environments since acquiring Rancher Labs last year. Version 2.6 of SUSE Rancher adds a revamped user interface ...
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SUSE Funds Cloud-Native Skills Scholarships

SUSE has announced it is sponsoring 300 online education scholarships to provide aspiring practitioners with free access to a cloud-native education program, dubbed the Cloud Native Application Architecture Nanodegree program, delivered by ...
Rancher storage

Longhorn: The Case for Rancher’s Storage Offering

Will Longhorn storage adequately fill out Rancher’s Kubernetes management platform? How to manage and store stateful data associated with container workloads represents yet another challenge for DevOps when making the shift to ...
SUSE multi-cluster Operator Framework

Provisioning a K8s Cluster Using Rancher in AWS EC2

In this blog, we’re demonstrating how to use a container tool to create a gossip-based Kubernetes cluster using Rancher (RKE). The rancher is an enterprise open source tool much like Kubernetes and ...
Glimpse of Rancher 2.0

Final Tech Previews Offer an Almost-Complete Glimpse of Rancher 2.0

DevOps teams or anyone who manages containers can now get their hands dirty testing the final tech previews of container management platform Rancher 2.0 shortly before its launch in a few weeks ...
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