August 23, 2017

For Portability, VMs Still Beat Docker Containers

Aug 15, 2017 0 311

Docker containers have many advantages. Arguably, portability is not one of them. Here’s why containers are less portable than virtual machines. Defining Portability Portability means the ability to move an application—in other words, port it—from one host ...

Should You Migrate to Docker Containers? Not Always

Feb 16, 2017 0 1145

Docker containers are one of the most popular things in IT right now. But you probably learned in kindergarten that what is popular is not always right. So before jumping on the container train, you should make ...

Reasons to Keep Using Virtual Machines Instead of Containers

Dec 2, 2016 1 1198

You already know which advantages containers offer over virtual machines (VMs). But what do they do that containers can’t? Here’s a summary of the benefits. Some Docker fans would have you believe that containers have made virtualization ...