Ambassador Labs Kubernetes CNCF Elevates Envoy Service Proxy Project

Envoy Proxy Unveils Envoy Gateway For North-South Traffic

The team behind Envoy Proxy has announced Envoy Gateway, new open source software aiming to improve accessibility for using Envoy for north-south traffic use cases. If accepted as a standard, Envoy Gateway ... Kong What is Service Mesh Embraces Cilium Container Networking Platform

At the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 conference, announced it has added support for the open source Cilium container networking platform to the Gloo Mesh curated instance of the open source ...
Istio Buoyant Linkerd service mesh

Buoyant Unfurls Beta of Linkerd Managed Service

Buoyant today added a service for managing instances of the open source Linkerd service mesh that is based on agent software it has developed. Buoyant CEO William Morgan says that while Linkerd ...
Istio Buoyant Linkerd service mesh

Google Petitions to Donate Istio Service Mesh to CNCF

Google and the Istio Steering Committee today announced at an IstioCon 22 event that they have submitted the open source Istio service mesh for consideration to become an incubating project administered by ...
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Buoyant service mesh Weaveworks Diamanti Spektra data fabric

Buoyant Survey Surfaces Service Mesh Shifts

A survey published this week finds more than a quarter (28%) of organizations have already swapped out the service mesh platform they initially adopted. Among those that have switched, 80% had been ... Kong What is Service Mesh

When Is Service Mesh Worth It?

Service mesh is getting a lot of interest these days, especially as new meshes enter the market to join Istio, Linkerd and Kuma as established open source options. The technology brings a common ...
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Buoyant service mesh Weaveworks Diamanti Spektra data fabric Streamlines Istio Service Mesh Deployment today revealed it is making several moves to make it easier to employ the open source Istio service mesh on top of Kubernetes clusters in conjunction with other tools for managing ... CNCF Linkerd Istio service mesh

Linkerd Benchmarks Back Service Mesh Performance Claims

The use of service mesh is increasingly seen as an essential tool to manage and orchestrate microservices in highly distributed containerized environments. According to a recent Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) survey, ...
Battle for Service Mesh Control

Will Istio or Linkerd Dominate Service Mesh?

Istio has seen an uptick in adoption and now has the largest market share — albeit, by a slim margin — in the service mesh space, according to the results of the ... CNCF Linkerd Istio service mesh

Service Mesh Extensibility Explained

Have you ever wondered how to extend your service mesh for your specific business needs? Perhaps you need to add external authorization or advanced rate-limiting? Or maybe you want to add custom ...