Troubles in Kubernetes Land: Vault to the Rescue

Troubles in Kubernetes Land: Vault to the Rescue

Kubernetes has gotten easier to deploy and manage, but some problems aren’t solved yet. In this presentation, Giacomo Tirabassi of InfluxData will explore some of the typical problems with deployment and security ...
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InfluxData Launches Modern Capabilities for Kubernetes on AWS Marketplace for Containers

InfluxData’s New Solutions Simplify Monitoring, Accelerate Deployment and Empower Amazon Web Services Customers to Reduce “Time to Awesome” for Analytics and Machine Learning LAS VEGAS (AWS re:Invent 2018) — Nov. 28, 2018 ...
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InfluxData Prometheus Monitoring Analytics

InfluxData Gives Prometheus Monitoring a Real-Time Analytics Edge

There’s no shortage of tools for monitoring containers these days, and an increasing number of commercial offerings are incorporating the open source Prometheus monitoring software managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation ...