June 22, 2018

The Current State of Persistent Storage for Docker

Apr 10, 2017 0 2567

If there’s one area where Docker container tooling remains weak, it’s the realm of persistent storage. Here’s why storage solutions for containers continue to come up short, and a look at the work being done to make ...

ClusterHQ Folds, Flocker Lives On

Dec 23, 2016 1 2002

Persistent storage for containers has improved to the point that one of the first companies to offer containerized storage has now folded. That’s the takeaway from the announcement this week that ClusterHQ has gone out of business. ...

Persistent Storage Options for Docker Containers

Sep 6, 2016 0 3142

Who’s solving the Docker container storage dilemma? Here’s a list of companies that are making inroads in this space by developing persistent data storage solutions for containers. Container storage is a hot topic. As organizations seek to ...