August 16, 2017

Microsoft Draft Helps Developers Adopt Kubernetes

Jun 16, 2017 0 629

Microsoft’s Deis has released Draft to makes it easy for developers to build applications that run on Kubernetes. Draft does this by providing tools and simplifying steps required to build for Kubernetes. If your enterprise has looked ...

Microsoft Automates App Deployments on Kubernetes

Jun 2, 2017 0 453

At the CoreOS Fest 2017 conference this week Microsoft announced it is making available an open source Draft tool that makes it possible for developers to spin up a Kubernetes container cluster using two commands. Developed by ...

A Look at Container-Friendly PaaS Solutions

Jun 13, 2016 3 1466

As the container ecosystem matures, so are platform-as-a-service (PaaS) systems for deploying containers. Here’s an overview of several PaaS solutions that support Docker and CoreOS containers. First, though, a quick note about what PaaS does. Essentially, it ...