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Best of 2021 – Siloscape: The Dark Side of Kubernetes

As we close out 2021, we at Container Journal wanted to highlight the most popular articles of the year. Following is the second in our series of the Best of 2021. It ...
Aqua Security Applying DevSecOps to Container Security Headaches

Aqua Security Report Reveals Docker API Security Mess

Aqua Security published a report today that shows widespread cloud misconfiguration issues also extend to Docker containers. The report finds more than 40% of users had at least one misconfigured Docker application ...
Kubernetes Security Flaw

Insecure Defaults Remain a Threat for Kubernetes

Secure-by-default settings make it easier (and safer) to onboard cloud-native technologies. And, thankfully, most default security profiles and configurations are, often, quite solid. Take Istio, which is secure by default and built ...
privileged container

Why Running a Privileged Container is Not a Good Idea

A privileged container has all the capabilities a host can perform. And that’s a bad idea. Containers are not, by any means, new. They have been consistently and increasingly adopted in the ... CNCF Linkerd Istio service mesh

5 Common Container Mistakes to Avoid

With the increase in containers comes an increase in container mistakes. Here are some worth highlighting Containers are all the rage as organizations strive for faster software development and more efficient infrastructure ...