Weaveworks Introduces Weave Net 1.4 for Docker Networking

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Weaveworks, the makers of Weave networking and monitoring for Docker, today announced Weave Net 1.4, the first and only Docker networking plug-in to eliminate the requirement to run and manage an external cluster store (database). The plug-in simplifies and accelerates the deployment of Docker containers by removing the requirement to deploy, manage and maintain a centralized database in development and production.

“Networking for Docker containers is critically important to moving containerized applications into production. The ability for Weave Net 1.4 to eliminate the external database as a plug-in to Docker 1.9 will accelerate what we believe will be an explosion of production Docker applications in 2016,” said Larry Gordon and Tim Clark, both partners at The FactPoint Group, which publish the news and analysis site Focus on Docker.

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Making Container Networking “Invisible Infrastructure”

Weaveworks developed “micro router” technology to make Docker container networking fast, easy and “invisible.” Weave Net runs a “micro router” on each Docker host that works just like an Internet router, providing IP addresses to local containers and sharing peer-to-peer updates with other micro routers, and learning from their updates. It also responds to DNS requests by containers looking to find other containers by name, also known as Service Discovery.

Weave Net 1.4 is a plug-in to Docker 1.9, therefore building on all of Docker’s core networking capabilities. Features include:

  • A simple overlay networking approach for connecting containers across Docker hosts
  • Fast, standards-based VXLAN encapsulation for the network traffic
  • An application-centric micro-network
  • Built-in service discovery

“Removing the dependency on a cluster store makes it faster, easier and simpler to build, ship and run Docker containers,” said Mathew Lodge, COO of Weaveworks. “Weave Net 1.4 embodies Weaveworks’ commitment to making simple, easy to use products that accelerate the deployment of microservices and cloud native applications on containerized infrastructure.”

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About Weaveworks

Weaveworks is the maker of Weave Net, Weave Scope and Weave Run, which enable customers to network, visualize and control microservices and cloud native applications on Docker containers. Weave is open source software and contributions and pull requests are more than welcome via Github.

Weaveworks is hiring – please contact us via [email protected] or find us speaking at events near you. The Weaveworks team is co-headquartered in London and San Francisco. Find us at www.weave.works.


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