Sureline Systems Announces Support for Disaster Recovery for Docker Containers

SUREedge® Now Supports DR of Containers Across All Popular Platforms

SANTA CLARA, CA–(Marketwired – April 20, 2016) – Sureline Systems, a leader in cloud migration, datacenter consolidation and Disaster Recovery solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of support of containers to its flagship SUREedge product line. Containers running on all popular platforms are supported along with physical servers and virtual machines so that the entire infrastructure can be migrated in case of a disaster. Additionally, Containers along with data volumes can also be migrated and restored in Google Container Engine managed by Kubernetes.

Containers are becoming an integral part of a new generation of software solutions, and can now be protected in the same way as existing applications, using SUREedge. “With many applications being a mix of containers and traditional virtual machines or physical servers running parts of the complete application, it is important to have a single solution that works with the entire application and ensures it is protected at a remote site or in a Cloud and can be up and running quickly in case of a disaster,” said Kuldeep Nagarkar, VP of Engineering at Sureline Systems.

“Sureline Systems is taking a lead in cloud migration aligning product capabilities with business requirements around performance and security when migrating to the cloud,” according to a 451 report by Agatha Poon.

SUREdge supports all of the standard Linux environments where containers are developed and deployed, including Docker containers 1.10.2 running on Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 14.04, CentOS 7 and RHEL 7.

About Sureline Systems:
Sureline Systems, is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, with offices in Japan, India and Dubai. Sureline’s award winning SUREedge® is a proven enterprise-class software platform for Cloud Migration, Cloud Disaster Recovery, Datacenter Consolidation and Application Mobility.

Sureline Systems has announced partnerships with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Century Link Cloud, Nutanix, Tintri and several large Channel Partners. SUREedge reduces risk through secure data transmission, efficient data movement, and reliable movement of the entire application including containers, and its data. It is easy to deploy and manage through a single UI, with automated discovery, no agents to install, and is completely non-disruptive. SUREedge is source and destination agnostic working from any physical server, any hypervisor, any cloud, and any storage including hyperconverged to any other environment. Customers worldwide trust SUREedge® to meet their application mobility, disaster recovery, business continuity and application mobility objectives. For further information, please visit the Sureline website

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