Solano Labs Announces Docker Integration and Joins Docker Partner Program

SAN FRANCISCO–(Business Wire)–O’REILLY FLUENT— Solano Labs, Inc., a leading provider of continuous integration and deployment solutions, today announced that it is joining the Docker Partner Program in conjunction with releasing full Docker support for its Solano CI software-as-a-service continuous integration platform. With the general availability of the Docker integration, Docker’s powerful features are available within the Solano CI platform, broadening both the Solano and Docker ecosystems. As part of the Docker Partner Program, Solano Labs will work with Docker to help developers build, ship and run distributed applications — easier, faster, and at lower cost.

Demand for support for lightweight container technologies has grown dramatically as software development teams continue to adopt continuous delivery and devops practices and microservice-based architectures. Solano CI optimizes continuous delivery workflows by providing industry-leading automatic parallelism and running builds on the most cost-effective computers. Solano CI also helps teams to automate the process of pushing and pulling containers to and from registries like the Docker Trusted Registry, and caches Docker images to reduce build times. Instead of waiting to pull base images and building entire images from scratch, Solano CI saves time using pre-pulled images and pre-existing intermediary images.

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“Our customers are leaders in adopting continuous delivery best practices, and we’re constantly pushing to address their latest needs. Today, we are proud to deliver a robust Docker integration that also reduces our customers’ time to market,” said William Josephson, president of Solano Labs. “With the release of this Docker integration, software developers enjoy a Docker continuous integration workflow that optimizes for high performance, ease of use, and low cost.”

“Continuous integration has become one of the most common use cases of Docker,” said Leo Cheng, vice president of strategy and business development of Solano Labs. “We’re honored to join the Docker Partner Program, and look forward to working with Docker to help our customers release great software even faster.”

Docker integration on Solano CI is available now. Documentation on the integration is available here.

About Solano Labs:

Solano Labs is a provider of cloud platforms as a service whose flagship product, Solano CI, is a blazingly fast solution for continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD). Solano CI dramatically reduces testing time by running tests in parallel, letting developers spend more time innovating and less time managing complex testing frameworks or waiting for test builds to finish. Solano’s patented parallel optimization technology and fully-managed cloud infrastructure give developers test results 10x to 80x faster than traditional CI, at lower TCO. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter: @SolanoLabs.

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