NuoDB Formally Supports Docker, Releases NuoDB 2.4

CAMBRIDGE, MA–(Marketwired – December 22, 2015) – NuoDB, the database forcloud-enabled global applications, today announced formal support of Docker as an approved implementation platform. NuoDB’s distributed database design aligns with the architectural requirements for container-based deployment. Coinciding with this announcement is the general availability of NuoDB Release 2.4, which delivers advanced management capabilities, expands NuoDB’s enterprise-class SQL support, and streamlines database administration.

Expanding native support for Docker
As more organizations embrace containers as a development and deployment platform, they often struggle to reconcile Docker’s inherent administrative benefits, resource efficiencies, and horizontal scaling with the monolithic, rigid, and deeply physical nature of traditional databases. In contrast, NuoDB’s Durable Distributed Cache (DDC) architecture enables customers to add capacity on-demand across multiple hosts, containers, and even data centers, making it easier for the database to work naturally within and with containers to deliver an elastic, transactional data management service for Docker.

This integration exploits that natural affinity to ensure customers deploying on Docker can rely on a robust database platform built around the same principles that are driving Docker’s widespread adoption. Specifically, NuoDB enables:

  • Container mobility and on-demand capacity at the data layer
  • Automatic cross-container caching of database data
  • Operational and administrative capabilities such as security and backup that have been designed expressly for the container environment

NuoDB’s native support for Docker provides customers with a wide range of deployment options based on their requirements. As a network of peers capable of functioning within a hybrid environment, NuoDB’s processes can operate wholly within Docker containers or split between containers and physical servers. This flexibility extends also to private, public, or hybrid cloud deployments.

NuoDB Release 2.4
Coinciding with this announcement is the general availability of NuoDB Release 2.4, which delivers advanced management capabilities, expands NuoDB’s enterprise-class SQL support, and streamlines database administration.

In addition, customers can take advantage of a new online backup feature, which creates a “hot copy” of the current state of a database without shutting down any of the database processes. This creates a transactionally consistent copy of the archive and journal of a database with no interruption of service. The database continues running and transactions keep processing, even in a single host database.

More details on specific features can be found on the NuoDB TechBlog.

Supporting Quotes
Bruce Lawler, co-founder and chief product officer at Kodiak:
“Kodiak is singularly focused on providing highly reliable, highly scalable, standards-based broadband push-to-talk (PTT) solutions for our carrier partners. NuoDB was the best database to support our need for scaling up our distributed network to meet demand requirements while maintaining transactional consistency and integrity.”

Barry Morris, co-founder and executive chairman at NuoDB:
“Both NuoDB and Docker were developed with the same fundamental principles in mind: distributed processing, resource efficiency, administrative simplicity, and elastic scalability. This natural affinity means that the two technologies work in tandem, out of the box. With this announcement, we further strengthen this integration, even as Docker transforms the way applications are developed and deployed.”

More Information
For more information about NuoDB’s integration with Docker:

For more information about Release 2.4:

About NuoDB
NuoDB’s purpose-built SQL database combines the simplicity, rigor, and reliability of a traditional relational database with the elasticity, agility, and global accessibility provided by the cloud.

As application vendors and enterprises increasingly turn to the hybrid cloud to support their growing, global, and increasingly mobile, customer base, they rely on NuoDB as the only database that can maintain transactional consistency and integrity at global scale. These organizations trust NuoDB to meet all their needs — active-active deployment,elastic scalability, data residency, and more — as they run applications in the cloud.

NuoDB is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, with offices in Dublin and Belfast. For more information, visit

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