U.S. Air Force Accelerates Move to Remote Work with D2iQ Kubernetes Distribution

2iQ Konvoy Production-ready Kubernetes Distribution Empowers Air Force to Modernize Infrastructure with Security and Flexibility during Covid-19

SAN FRANCISCO, March 4, 2021 –  D2iQ, provider of the leading independent Kubernetes platform built to power smarter Day 2 operations, today announced that the U.S. Air Force is using the D2iQ Konvoy Kubernetes distribution to fuel its transition to secure remote work.   

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to force organizations to modernize IT infrastructures to power remote work and collaboration. As hundreds of thousands of employees transitioned to remote work, the U.S. Air Force took measures to ensure operational continuity. D2iQ worked directly with the U.S. Air Force to overcome scale, Kubernetes complexity and security challenges to roll out its Mattermost platform, enabling remote teams and combatant commands to stay in touch securely and coordinate information across a secure, distributed network. 

“We were looking for a partner who could meet our unique requirements and contribute to the open-source community on our behalf,” explained Jeff McCoy, CTO at DoD USAF Platform One. “From a Kubernetes perspective, D2iQ’s distribution was aligned with what we were already doing, so it was an easy lift to move over. With D2iQ Konvoy, our engineers who had less experience with Kubernetes were able to rapidly stand up clusters in a consistent and repeatable manner. Before D2iQ Konvoy, projects would take 1-3 days to get into production, so getting that down to just a few hours was pretty significant.”

With D2iQ’s help, the Air Force had 80,000 personnel on the Mattermost platform within a week, supporting over a million Department of Defense employees working remotely. With the adoption of Mattermost, the Air Force could do pre-mission paperwork, go/no-go processes, flight authorization, and post-mission forms securely and efficiently. With D2iQ Konvoy and other building blocks, the Air Force was able to deliver fully automated and repeatable deployments within any environment in a matter of days.

“We’re proud to work with leading organizations like the U.S. Air Force to show the full potential of Kubernetes to drive infrastructure modernization and enable remote work,” said Deepak Goel, CTO of D2iQ. “By bringing in D2iQ as a trusted partner, the Air Force was able to adapt its processes, demonstrate fully automated deployments, and empower its workforce during a time of uncertainty.”

About D2iQ

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