StormForge Launches VHS, An Open Source Project for Quickly Creating Performance Tests by Recording Live Traffic

The cloud-native community is invited to help accelerate the development of rapid and accurate performance testing

StormForge, the leader in Kubernetes optimization and cloud-native performance testing, today announced VHS, a standalone open source project aimed at accelerating and advancing the creation of application performance and optimization tests. DevOps and IT professionals are encouraged to join and shape future load testing and optimization methodologies, as well as help rename the project in early 2021.

“VHS started as a project that filled a need related to our performance testing and optimization portfolio, namely, accurate load generation,” said Noah Abrahams, Open Source Advocate at StormForge. “Our mission as a company is to extend the concept of application performance from being a reactive mindset focused on operations teams, to a proactive, automatic and continuous process that includes and empowers the application developers themselves. Part of that mission is ensuring that developers in the community are not only aware that proactive solutions are available to them, but that they’re able to contribute and help build tomorrow’s application performance solutions.”

The VHS project was born out of a need to improve methods for recording and replaying application traffic in a plugin-based any-to-any ideology. Ultimately, VHS will help provide load generation that is aligned with actual live production, guaranteeing that performance testing supports accurate real-time and forecasted traffic instead of educated guesses.

To learn more about VHS and get involved, visit the project GitHub and join the VHS rename launch group. To learn more about StormForge and additional open source projects in cloud-native performance testing and optimization, visit the StormForge community website.

About StormForge

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