ParkMyCloud Expands Cloud Cost Optimization to Containers

ParkMyCloud’s Amazon EKS Scheduling Enables Enterprises to Identify and Eliminate Billions in Wasted Cloud Spend

March 31, 2020 (Dulles, VA) ParkMyCloud, provider of the leading enterprise platform for continuous cost control in public cloud, has expanded its public cloud cost optimization capabilities to container technology, starting with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS).


Wasted cloud spend is a significant problem, draining IT budgets in companies of all sizes and across industry verticals. ParkMyCloud reports that cloud waste will exceed $17.6 billion this year, with container spend accounting for $2.7 billion of that, growing by 60% to $4.3 billion by 2022.


As is the case with compute and database resources, inefficient use of containers can cause significant wasted cloud spend. Sources of waste include: nonproduction pods that are idle outside of working hours, oversized pods, oversized nodes, and overprovisioned persistent storage.


Since 2015, ParkMyCloud users have reduced cloud costs by identifying idle and over-provisioned compute and databases resources, and programmatically scheduling and resizing them, saving enterprises around the world tens of millions of dollars. Now, that same scheduling is available to reduce EKS costs. Users can set schedules based on working hours and automatically assign those schedules and resources with policy-driven actions. ParkMyCloud recommends schedules for resources based on actual utilization data.


“Customers have an immediate need to optimize their Kubernetes spend across the three major cloud providers,” said ParkMyCloud Founder Jay Chapel. “There is a significant pain point around growing wasted spend here, which needs to be addressed through automation and data-driven action – and that’s what ParkMyCloud is now providing.”


Following today’s Amazon EKS support release, ParkMyCloud will soon also support scheduling for Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), with cluster rightsizing to follow scheduling.


To get started, public cloud users should visit to start a free 14-day trial of the product and receive recommendations for Amazon EKS resources, as well as compute and database resources in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

About ParkMyCloud

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