New Offering from Predicts, Automates, and Simplifies Cloud Costs, Bringing Cost Savings in Hours Instead of Weeks

Purchase Planner uncovers the best cloud optimization strategy, and harnesses machine learning and automation to purchase, renew, and exchange cloud reservations, without impacting existing infrastructure.

SEATTLE – DECEMBER 15, 2020 –, the cloud cost management company that saves businesses the most time and money, today announced its Purchase Planner feature – the only solution that optimizes, customizes, and automates execution of cloud reservation purchasing, completely removing the guesswork for cloud users and missed opportunities for savings.  The new offering eliminates the time-consuming and painful process of analyzing and managing AWS costs, and leverages machine learning to identify the best saving strategy that can be implemented in one click.

“We are on a mission to save cloud customers time and money so we take a fundamentally different approach to cloud cost management,” said Aran Khanna, CEO and Co-founder.  “Not only does our financial modelling compare trillions of potential approaches to uncover the optimal purchasing options, but it also offers full end-to-end, 24×7 automation so customers never miss an actionable savings opportunity.  We’re so confident in our technology and approach that we guarantee to buy back our customers’ financial commitments.  In essence, we offer the most savings with the least risk.”

In the first four weeks of using the Purchase Planner feature, a public tech company with more than $1 billion in revenue was able to reduce upfront spending by $12 million, increase monthly savings by an additional $300,000, and save six weeks of engineering time.

Unlike traditional cloud cost management companies that take weeks to set up and even longer to see the savings,’s platform can be up and running in under 90 minutes, without any impact to the existing infrastructure.  Customers gain immediate and complete visibility into exactly where their money is being spent on the cloud and where they can save


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