Instana Provides Automated APM Solution for Pivotal Cloud Foundry Users

New PCF Management Tile Now Available for All Users

The Hague, Netherlands at the Cloud Foundry Summit – September 12, 2019 – Instana, a leading provider of automated Application Performance Management (APM) solutions for cloud-based microservice applications, today announced the availability of the Instana Automated Microservice Management Tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry. With a single click, PCF users can get application performance management along with the PCF-based infrastructure management of their multi-cloud systems. The new management tile is available today in the Pivotal Cloud Network.

“Multi-cloud environments are vital to high performance cloud-native applications, and we see Pivotal as a major player in successful multi-cloud operations,” said Mirko Novakovic, Instana co-founder and CEO. “With Instana’s automated Application Performance Management solution, Pivotal Cloud Foundry users get a consistent visualization of application performance and service architecture across any and all of their cloud providers.”

The Instana Automatic Microservice Monitoring Tile, now available in the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Network, automates service discovery, performance management, application mapping and root cause analysis. The APM solution adjusts to dynamic application changes in real-time, so that DevOps teams always have an accurate visualization of what makes up their cloud applications.

While PCF automates cloud infrastructure management and standardizes application deployment and operation models, it does not include application performance management capabilities. The new Instana PCF tile gives Pivotal Cloud Foundry users a quick and easy way to get access to performance management, which is not part of the PCF capability set.

“Organizations that are rapidly moving to cloud and multi-cloud environments must adopt new approaches to a number of activities ranging from workload distribution to cost optimization,” said Nancy Gohring, senior analyst, application and infrastructure performance at 451 Research. “Performance management is also a key function that requires new techniques in the cloud, and implementing it effectively is critical to the success of cloud deployments.”

Instana automates the discovery of services, automatically understands their quality and immediately presents information on quality and performance to DevOps. Unlike conventional monitoring solutions, Instana’s automated APM solution operates without requiring ongoing engineering effort, human configuration, or even application restarts. Developers are able to determine build quality with one click. Likewise, traditional Ops personnel can quickly understand the root cause of production performance issues.

Instana is showcasing its automated APM solution for PCF applications at the Cloud Foundry Summit in Europe. Learn more about the company and the solution at