Instana Adds Containerd Monitoring Capabilities to Automatic APM Solution

Company’s APM Solution Automatically Correlates Container Infrastructure and Application Performance 

San Francisco, CA at DockerCon – April 30, 2019 – Instana, the leading provider of Automatic Application Monitoring solutions for containerized applications, today announced the availability of performance and health monitoring for containerd. As with Instana’s other Application Infrastructure monitoring sensors, containerd configuration and performance data is correlated with application performance and included in individual traces of every user request.

“In container-based microservice applications, infrastructure monitoring is an important part of the overall application monitoring strategy,” said Pete Abrams, Instana co-founder and COO. “Monitoring containerd, complete with visibility into applications and individual requests, provides the richest set of application performance monitoring that DevOps teams need to operate their containerized applications at high service levels.”

Unlike conventional monitoring solutions, Instana’s automatic APM solution discovers application infrastructure and service components, deploys monitoring sensors for the application’s technology stack and traces all application requests – without requiring any human configuration or even application restarts. The solution detects changes in the application environment in real-time, adjusting its own models and visualizing the changes and impacts to performance in seconds.

Instana’s microservice monitoring capabilities include deep visibility into almost a dozen different languages and over 100 different microservice application infrastructure technologies including Docker, Kubernetes, Tomcat, NGINX, AWS and many more. Monitoring for each technology component includes correlated application level visibility, as well information tied to each individual request in traces.

The new containerd monitoring, just like Instana’s other supported infrastructure components, is completely automated, requiring no manual installation or configuration to discover, map and monitor containerd components within the application eco-system. All user requests are fully traced automatically as well.

Instana is showcasing it’s containerized application monitoring solution at DockerCon in San Francisco (Both S23) – kicking off the company’s annual Kubernetes Roadshow. Learn more about the company’s automatic APM and Application Infrastructure monitoring solution by visiting