Humio Unveils Scalability Benchmark Running 100 Terabytes A Day In Real-Time

Benchmark With Kubernetes Reveals Live Visibility of 2.2M Events Per Second and 100TB Per Day On Only 25 Nodes

BARCELONA, Spain, May 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Humio, a purpose-built live observability solution that is platform agnostic and delivers fast, efficient and easily scalable log management, unveiled results of a new benchmark running 100TB/day providing real-time visibility of data at scale. Critical to microservices organizations is the need to understand large amounts of computer-generated data and instantly pinpoint availability concerns and identify threats in any complex, distributed systems. Using cloud resources, Kubernetes, and the company’s own tools, the development team demonstrated what customers are already experiencing with their own deployments of the Humio platform. The Scalability Benchmark delivers live observability of 100 TB loads on only 25 nodes with ease.

“We are excited to offer this benchmark to demonstrate what some of our customers such as LunarWay, Michigan State University, Netlify, SpareBank 1 and various others are already benefiting from – Humio’s unique time-series database engine optimized to ingest and aggregate large ranges of log data instantly,” said Geeta Schmidt, CEO Humio. “Users can aggregate, interact and gain visibility of their applications, Kubernetes metrics and events to analyze the performance of their docker containers all through one solution.”

“We congratulate Humio on this impressive data processing milestone,” said John Gamble, Corelight Director of Product Marketing. “Our joint customers place tremendous value on Humio’s ability to cost-effectively store and rapidly query Corelight’s log volumes so security analysts can make fast sense of network traffic and move at the speed of attack.”

Determined to reveal Humio’s ease to provide live observability at scale, Humio engineers used the native Kubernetes configuration to demonstrate the performance Humio’s large-scale enterprise customers are leveraging to maintain observability across their distributed systems. Humio is available to provide a demonstration of the Scalability Benchmark at our KubeCon Barcelona booth, #SE54. For a detailed writeup of the benchmark, please visit

About Humio: Humio’s live observability platform enables data aggregation, exploration, reporting and analysis from a range of sources ingesting massive volumes of log data instantly and is deployable on any infrastructure including both in the Cloud and On-Premises. The purpose-built, innovative data storage and in-memory search/query engine technologies provide developers, security teams and operations managers a cost-competitive log management and analysis solution, all while requiring significantly less hardware and engineering resources. For more information visit or follow @MeetHumio.