Deployhub, Inc. Announces New Release

DeployHub 9.0 now available which now includes new front end and mapping

Santa Fe, NM – November 18, 2019 – DeployHub Inc., visionaries in microservice publishing and configuration management, today announced at KubeCon 2019 the release of DeployHub 9.0.

“A new user interface and microservice to application mapping are two of the primary features in our 9.0 release.” said Tracy Ragan. “These new features have been driven by our customers that are deep into migrating to microservices. The visualization of the microservices maps make it easy to see who is consuming what and tracks the logical view of what we used to call an application.”

“Organizations who are moving to microservices struggle with knowing which services are being consumed, what is available, and what should be deprecated. Our 9.0 release addresses these issues and allows our customer to navigate their death star,” explains Steve Taylor, CTO of DeployHub, Inc. “We thank our customers for their continued input on the development of this microservices configuration management and deployment solution.”

About DeployHub

DeployHub empowers development teams to migrate to microservices as well as manage service-based applications via cataloging, configuring, mapping and deployments across the organization, quickly, safely on an agentless & hosted (SaaS) platform.

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