CloudNative London: The Tech Conference on All Things Cloud

  • Europe’s largest community hub for Cloud Engineers, Architects and Developers, host their CloudNative conference in September.
  • Headline keynotes with industry leaders — Jez Humble, author of The DevOps Handbook, Emma Haruka Iwao, a developer advocate for the Google Cloud Platform, and John Azariah, the principal Architect on Microsoft Quantum, are amongst the
    six keynotes.
  • The conference is held at CodeNode, London on 25 – 27 September 2019
    and is organised by London-based company Skills Matter

For cloud developers, engineers and architects, CloudNative London 2019 is the perfect arena to network, share ideas with like-minded experts and see what’s next in the world of cloud.

CloudNative London 2019 is the ideal place for any developer obsessed with advancing their app craft and cloud proficiency, as attendees will learn about building the next generation of tools. “CloudNative London 2019 is a platform for everyone to come together and learn from key experts in the community on all things Cloud Native, including the latest in Containers, Schedulers, Kubernetes and DevOps,” says Nicole Pereira, Skills Matter’s Conferences Product Manager.

To guarantee the conference focuses on the forefront of various cloud platforms, talks are curated by a programme committee made up of leading industry experts, including Anne Currie, the chief strategist at Container Solutions and author of the e-book The Cloud Native Attitude, and Casey Rosenthal, who created Chaos Engineering at Netflix.

CloudNative London’s prestigious keynotes are central to the conference’s appeal, making it a standout event in the Cloud Native and DevOps field. The six keynotes are all notable figures within the world of cloud. Those delivering must-see talks are Sam Newman, who works in the cloud and continuous delivery space. We also have John Azariah, creator of Q# language, Russ Miles, who constructed the Chaos Toolkit, alongside Jez Humble, Liz Fong-Jones and Emma Haruka Iwao.

Keynote John Azariah reveals his excitement for the event, “I’m looking forward to seeing some of the talks that deal with the real world aspects of building, deploying and maintaining a kubernetes cluster. Sam [Newman]’s talks are always engaging, so I’m definitely keen to catch up on his latest thoughts on the pragmatic use of microservices.”For more information visit:

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