Kuali Taps SaltStack Infrastructure Automation and Amazon Web Services to Power Agile DevOps for Higher Education SaaS

SaltStack gives Kuali the ability to automate infrastructure as code in AWS

LEHI, Utah – April 2, 2020 – SaltStack, the creators of intelligent automation for IT operations and security teams, today announced Kuali, a leading developer of customer experience technology for higher education, is using SaltStack® event-driven infrastructure automation and configuration management in combination with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver fully automated infrastructure as code to power an agile DevOps approach to product delivery.

With SaltStack configuration automation, Kuali is able to get the most out of AWS while simultaneously reducing complexity, enforcing consistency, and providing a well-governed and secure cloud infrastructure to meet the demands of the Kuali business and DevOps team. Kuali delivers administrative software built specifically for higher education to more than 160 institutions using modern, cloud-based technologies. Thoughtfully designed software streamlines processes to significantly reduce costs for student services, financial, research, and continuity planning teams.

Kuali’s newest solution, Kuali Build, is a powerful SaaS business process management code-free platform that makes it easy for any user to transform paper processes to easy to use, automated, integrated, accessible and mobile-ready digital forms and workflow processes. Using responsive drag and drop functionality, simplified user experience design and helpful in-product tips, users with no technical background quickly adopt the role of becoming process designers and solving internal and cross-functional needs in a safe, secure, and reliable fashion, thereby significantly increasing IT capacity to focus on mission-critical tasks.

“We selected SaltStack on AWS to manage Kuali cloud infrastructure because SaltStack can handle certain issues that other infrastructure automation solutions simply can’t,” said Ben Gridley, site reliability engineer, Kuali.

Using SaltStack, IT operations and security teams have a single automation and configuration platform to allow multiple teams to achieve their diverse objectives across hybrid infrastructure. SaltStack infrastructure automation delivers speed and flexibility, to help users implement version control, enforce consistent security policies, and create configuration and process cohesion across separate, unique environments—all while giving individual teams the right degree of autonomy and control.

“SaltStack infrastructure automation and configuration management combined with AWS delivers the agility, consistency, and security required by cloud-native businesses like Kuali,” said Thomas Hatch, SaltStack CTO. “The combination of SaltStack event-driven infrastructure automation and AWS offers our shared customers and users unprecedented flexibility to deploy and manage cloud resources in support of their digital businesses.”

With multiple Kuali Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings hosted on unique AWS instances and managed by self-steering product teams that practice continuous delivery, Kuali needed a powerful but flexible automation and configuration solution to manage AWS resources as infrastructure as code. Kuali teams require the ability to make changes to existing infrastructure without service disruption while preventing potential errors and vulnerabilities. By leveraging SaltStack on AWS, Kuali was able to apply SaltStack infrastructure automation to address configuration irregularities, simplify infrastructure-as-code, reduce complexity, and apply version control to enable continuous delivery without any infrastructure configuration drift.

Learn more about SaltStack on AWS for infrastructure automation and security. In addition, SaltStack on AWS is now available via the SaltStack listing in AWS Marketplace.

To learn more about how Kuali uses SaltStack and AWS to power agile DevOps, watch the Kuali breakout session at SaltConf19.

About SaltStack
SaltStack® intelligent IT automation software is used to help the largest businesses in the world manage and secure their digital infrastructure. Known for its powerful event-driven infrastructure automation engine, SaltStack is designed to control, optimize, and secure the inherent complexity of Web-scale while providing efficient, collaborative solutions for ITOps, SecOps, NetOps, and DevOps teams. https://www.saltstack.com