Docker is red hot at Red Hat

The news from the Red Hat Summit this weeks almost appears to be all Docker all the time.  A series of announcements has made Docker clearly the container of choice for Red Hat users. But don’t stop at just Red Hat. Docker has pretty much locked down all of the major Linux distros including Amazon’s AWS Linux version with more on the way. More on this on Network World here.

Here is a recap of the news:

  • Expansion of RHEL 7.0 Beta to include Docker container technologies.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is currently in beta and is targeted to be a Red Hat certified container host, with Docker as a primary supported container format;

  • Docker Integration with OpenShift PaaS.  Application containers in OpenShift will be integrated with Docker and support Red Hat certified ISV applications packaged in the Docker container format. These same containerized applications will also be supported on other Red Hat products;

  • Red Hat Certification.  As revealed last month, Red Hat is launching certification of applications delivered in the Docker container format – Dockerize All The Things!

  • One More Thing.  Finally, in addition to the above, for enterprise IT orgs conducting projects with Docker and Red Hat, Docker, Inc. has developed additional service offerings, including developer support and a JumpStart program.