Container Camp SF: The Future of Containers.

The majority of enterprises are already using or currently evaluating using containers and microservices, according to a new survey from NGINX. So how is the technology evolving and what should we expect next?
In 2014 Container Camp brought together the key players in this field for the first time, and will once again return to San Francisco to host another deep exploration of container technology on April 15th. “We’re thrilled to be retuning to San Francisco to bring together people who are pushing boundaries and leading innovation in this area” said organiser Angie Maguire.

The New Stack founder Alex Williams will offer the opening keynote with a review of his latest research on container orchestration followed by Joyent’s Casey Bisson who’ll be exploring the sci-fi side of devops . Speakers also include CoreOS CTO Brandon Philips, Tim Hockin of Google and Red Hat Chief Architect Thomas Cameron as well as trailblazers Yunong Xiao of Netlfix and Jessie Frazelle of Mesosphere.

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The conference will explore a range of subjects from operating systems and orchestration through to security, networking and management. During the action packed day of technical talks and demos, attendees are also invited to sign up to the lightning talks to share their own experiences and solutions.

Attendees can get warmed up on the evening prior at Container Camp Day Zero hosted by Joyent. There will be tutorials from Mesosphere, New Relic, Hashicorp and more and chance to meet fellow attendees before the main event.

Container Camp will be held at Bespoke in San Francisco on April 15th 2016. Tickets cost $349. Readers of Container Journal can get $100 off tickets until April 8th with code CJ100.