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BOSTON–(Business Wire)–Codeship, provider of hosted continuous integration solutions that empower software build and test automation, today announced the general availability (GA) release of “Jet,” a new layer to their platform that provides Docker support. The product already supports hundreds of paying customers. Existing Docker customers can use Jet to create applications that integrate seamlessly with Docker and provide simplified continuous integration; allowing them to create Docker images, push images to registries and deploy their application using Docker containers. Codeship customers who use Docker for product development will see dramatic improvements in efficiency through automation and confidence in testing and deployment through parity between development, CI and production environments.

Both Docker and non-Docker users can easily customize complex continuous integration environments using the Docker Compose syntax and the Command Line Interface (CLI) tool in Jet. The CLI tool allows Codeship customers to replicate their Codeship CI environment locally and adds flexibility to their development and testing workflow. Large companies can use Docker Compose syntax in Jet to create a Codeship CI environment based on different containers that interact with each other and ship their code to the production environment with confidence.

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“Containerization and microservices have changed the way infrastructure is utilized. Developers have a lot more flexibility to decide how systems are built and how those services interact with each other. Docker provides a standardized interface to package and run those services, regardless of the environment,” said Alex Tacho, Director of Product Management for Codeship. “We built our Docker integration from the ground up to support container-based development, testing and deployment. Jet allows teams to fully customize and control their Continuous Integration environment by still maintaining a fast build setup, helping them utilizing Docker to achieve parity between their dev, testing and production environments.”

“Codeship has allowed us to rapidly build out the microservices architecture we have tried to achieve for the last six months in just a few weeks. Codeship’s Jet tool for Docker, in particular, has allowed us to solve the encrypted environment problem and introduce much stronger test suites for our codebases,” said Alexander Christie, CEO & Founder of Doorpass, a human resources tool for hiring and management of contract developers.

“There are many things we love about Codeship, but what makes it really great is the ease of setting up continuous integration and deployment workflow, even for first time users,” said Štěpán Svoboda, New Business & Innovation Manager at Economia, a leading publisher of economic and trade press and a key player in the online media and content digitization space. “And on top of that, their Docker support features comes at a right time as we see more and more apps getting deployed using container technologies,” Svoboda added.

The GA launch of Codeship’s Jet service layer for Docker extends Codeship’s support for containerization and expands on the company’s larger vision to be the simplest continuous integration service in the market. This offering builds on Codeship’s integration with Amazon EC2 Container Registry service for deploying Docker container images, which was announced in December 2015, and integrations with services like Docker Hub, Quay, and Google Container Engine. For more information,

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Codeship offers a hosted Continuous Integration platform that integrates with the existing DevOps stack and enables customers to accelerate time-to-market of products and features. Codeship turns a manual release process into an automated one by making it incredibly easy for developers to test and deploy new software—fast, reliably and securely—without taxing their own team or experiencing downtime. We help teams build the best products by allowing them to focus on product development instead of testing and releasing software. G2 Crowd listed Codeship as a High Performer under Build Automation in their Winter 2016 report. Among High Performers, Codeship had the best overall G2 score and highest satisfaction. To learn more about Codeship, go

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