Beep Boop Promises To Make Hosting Slack Bots Ridiculously Simple

Robots and Pencils’ new hosting platform allows developers to focus on creating rather than managing Slack bots.

(PRWEB) January 20, 2016

Following Slack’s recent announcement of its App Directory and Slack Fund, the team at Robots and Pencils has launched its latest venture, Beep Boop, a turnkey hosting platform created specifically for managing Slack bots.

“The explosive growth of Slack in the enterprise is creating opportunities for developers to define a whole new category of messaging oriented business applications. We see a need to support and outfit the pioneers who will define this new space,” said Mike Brevoort, creator of Beep Boop and CTO of Robots and Pencils. “Beep Boop automates the configuration, deployment and management of Slack bots so developers can focus fully on creating amazing Slack bots.”

Beep Boop manages developers’ source code through GitHub and launches bots as Docker containers, giving developers the freedom to write bots in the language or framework of their choice. Slack bots hosted by Beep Boop are also wired for continuous integration and deployment, so as changes and updates are made to a master branch, a new version of the bot is created and running bots are upgraded automatically.

Entirely integrated with Slack, Beep Boop users can set up and manage their projects in the Beep Boop Slack team. Once a bot is ready to be shared, a developer can easily enable the Add to Slack button or submit the bot to Slack’s App Directory.

“Ultimately, we envision Beep Boop as an end-to-end platform for developers to create, distribute and monetize their Slack applications,” said Brevoort. “The public beta version of Beep Boop we’re releasing today focuses on making the hosting of Slack bots simple. In the future, we plan to create a marketplace where developers can charge for their bots as well as support the full gambit of Slack app capabilities.”

Beep Boop is available now as a public beta at

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