Welcome to Container Journal

Today we launched Container Journal. The url for the site if you haven’t noticed is http://www.containerjournal.com. The site is dedicated to spotlighting everything about containers and computing (as opposed to containers like in the Container Store). This includes not only the containers themselves, but everything that goes along with it.  Topics wil include container management, data management for containers, container security, networking for containers – in short the entire container ecosystem.

Right now most of the content on Container Journal was container related content that was originally on DevOps.com. However, over time Container Journal will have more and more of its own original content that will not appear here DevOps.com. So you will need to check Container Journal to stay up on the latest container related content.  A good way of doing that is to sign up for the Container Journal newsletter.

In addition to articles Container Journal will feature webinars on container related topics, as well as other special features including ebooks and surveys. Many of the outstanding authors who contribute to DevOps.com will also be writing for Container Journal as well.

We are looking for good container related content though. If you would like to contribute to Container Journal, write me at editor@devops.com with your request.  We are also seeking sponsors, partners and advertisers for Container Journal as well.  In a relatively short time, we think Container Journal will be largest media site with a dedicated collection of container related content.  This is your chance to be part of it. Sponsor info can be had at sponsor@devops.com.

Also be sure to check out the Daily Poll on Container Journal right over in the right hand column. We will be asking some great questions with rapid feedback on what others are saying.

Building on the success of DevOps.com, we have been thinking a lot about what would be a good follow up. We think containers are the perfect choice. Containers have a lot to do with DevOps today, but yet so much more.  We also think containers heyday is still coming.  We want to help hasten this. Like any new venture, I am sure there will be growing pains with Container Journal. Please keep me posted if you notice anything.


Alan Shimel

As Editor-in-chief of DevOps.com and Container Journal, Alan Shimel is attuned to the world of technology. Alan has founded and helped several technology ventures, including StillSecure, where he guided the company in bringing innovative and effective networking and security solutions to the marketplace. Shimel is an often-cited personality in the security and technology community and is a sought-after speaker at industry and government conferences and events. In addition to his writing on DevOps.com and Network World, his commentary about the state of technology is followed closely by many industry insiders via his blog and podcast, "Ashimmy, After All These Years" (www.ashimmy.com). Alan has helped build several successful technology companies by combining a strong business background with a deep knowledge of technology. His legal background, long experience in the field, and New York street smarts combine to form a unique personality.

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