TechStrong Con: Thank You, Technology

TechStrong Con recognizes the role of technology as a lifeline during COVID-19 and beyond, and celebrating those in the tech space

Before the coronavirus pandemic changed our everyday life as we know it, I was supposed to be going back to Virginia Tech March 16 to finish up my freshman year. Instead, on March 13 the school announced that we the rest of our second semester would be held online. I had to learn how to manage my time effectively and study in a whole different way, navigating learning Zoom and other applications and websites, and still have time to spend with my family. It all seemed so hectic, but the technology I needed to get through the semester was what saved me and everyone who is dealing with working from home. Without the convenience of Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, smart TVs, GroupMe and much more, being a student and doing my job from home was something that seemed nearly impossible just a few years ago.

Not only was I able to finish my freshman year successfully and accomplish all the goals I had hoped for, but I was also able to get my sports blog back up and running—something I have wanted to do since high school. I started my sports blog, sportsthrills, back in middle school and got lots of traffic to the website, but when I started high school more responsibilities and other interests were put on my shoulders, and I lost interest. However, this extended time away from my classmates and peers has actually brought us closer together, and I now have a team of four other bloggers and social media workers on this amazing ride with me, and together we are getting the blog back to being better than it ever was. If it were not for the technology, I most likely would have lost touch with these and the rest of my friends from college. During this time, I’ve been able to bring the team together and motivate everyone to do something bigger than I had ever done: building this blog into a brand and a well-known sports news outlet, through our new use and utilization of Instagram and Twitter.

Just as important as my blog and the expansion of that was the fact that I was also able to connect with people and find an internship at MediaOps. Without the technology and the ability to connect with so many people and find different internships and opportunities from so many different sources and media outlets, this internship might not have been possible. Not only that, but through all the technology we have around us we are able to conduct our work as a team and work to host this great upcoming virtual summit, TechStrong Con, a 12-hour conference scheduled for June 4.

TechStrong Con is the virtual summit for people in the technology industry to come together and take part in a conference designed to bring together tech lovers from all corners of the globe. This virtual summit will highlight all the ways we use technology, from hardware and software to ways to improve your business during this pandemic and beyond. People from the biggest tech companies, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, RedHat and many more, are scheduled to speak, underscoring the ways in which they continue to innovative even during this quarantine.

A big highlight of this event is the #TechStrongCon Challenge, which gives you the chance to win either an iPad Pro or a DJI Maxic Drone. Plus, a portion of the proceeds raised from the event will be donated to charities dedicated to fighting COVID-19 and helping people during these trying times.

Let’s all show how strong our tech community is. Register at to take part in this event and keep our community #TechStrong.

Saransh Sharma

My name is Saransh Sharma and I am excited to be a cybersecurity content writer for the Security Boulevard team! I am going into my sophomore year as a BIT-Cybersecurity Major at Virginia Tech's Pamplin School of Business. I am also a sports blogger, and have been writing this blog since September 2012, and I brought a team of peers and writers alongside me in March of 2020.

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