Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes Virtual Summit Speaker Spotlight: Tracy Miranda, Prashanto Kochavara, Carolyn Van Slyck and Ian Heritage

The Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes Virtual Summit will bring together Kubernetes and cloud-native community members for a unique learning experience focused on the tools and best practices you need in order to successfully secure and manage Kubernetes. Presented in a virtual reality environment, the event will take place on Oct. 1, at 10 a.m. EDT.

Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes Virtual Summit - speakers

As Kubernetes becomes the dominant choice for infrastructure deployments, the next big challenge IT teams will face is operationalizing the platform at scale. At Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes Virtual Summit, attendees will have the opportunity to learn how leading companies and innovators are embracing containers and microservices environments.

The event features an exceptional lineup of speakers, including Tracy Miranda, Prashanto Kochavara, Carolyn Van Slyck and Ian Heritage.

Tracy Miranda is no stranger to the open source and CI/CD community. Recently appointed as executive director at Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), Tracy will now be supporting the CDF membership and helping strengthen the growth and evolution of continuous delivery models. Previously, Tracy served as director of open source community at CloudBees. She is an open source veteran who has used her impressive skills to improve the Jenkins, JenkinsX and CI/CD developer community.

During her talk “Advancing the Future of CI/CD Together,” Tracy will outline how CDF drives open initiatives so we can all work together to accelerate CI/CD adoption in a rapidly changing tech landscape. Tracy will discuss how people can get involved with CDF and work together in open source to drive forward the direction of CI/CD and make software delivery better for everyone.

“We know the theory of how to be a high performing team, but in practice this is hard, so it is important to know where tools can and can’t help,” said Tracy. “The Continuous Delivery Foundation aims to be your partner through that journey—a community where you can learn and share.”

Another speaker that will be taking the spotlight at the virtual summit is Prashanto Kochavara, director of product at Trilio. Prashanto is a leader in cloud-native data protection. He is responsible for the product strategy, roadmap and execution of the company’s backup and recovery platform for Kubernetes.

Prashanto’s breakout session “Top 10 Considerations for Selecting Data Protection for Your Kubernetes Applications,” will benefit any DevOps engineer, application developer or IT admin who needs backup and recovery, migration, DR or application mobility for Kubernetes or OpenShift-based applications. Prashanto will cover the 10 essential things you need (and why) when choosing the right data protection solution for your cloud-native environment.

“In today’s world, data is a key asset that is exponentially increasing in value. This data needs to be secured, protected and managed efficiently and securely for adding innovative business value to an organization,” said Prashanto. “While Kubernetes is a difficult space to keep track of the solutions available, this session provides guidance and decision points to leverage for selecting the right solution.”

Carolyn Van Slyck is a software developer at Microsoft and a maintainer for the CNAB specification and the Porter open source tool.

Cloud Native Application Bundles (CNAB) was designed to solve deployment problems that we all have been quietly battling with. Bundles come in handy when deploying applications that don’t live neatly inside of just Kubernetes. During her session “The Devil is in the Deployments,” Carolyn will explain when bundles make sense (and when they don’t) and how bundles can help deploy your application, along with its infrastructure, and manage disparate operational tech, such as Helm or Terraform, across teams.

“Bundles package your application, deployment tools, configuration and deployment logic together as a versioned artifact that you can distribute and then install with a single command,” said Carolyn. “They don’t replace your existing tools but, hopefully, make them easier for ops to juggle.”

Ian Heritage is a cloud solution architect at Trend Micro, advising large companies on cyber risks and building resilience in the cloud. Ian has worked at some of the industry’s leading companies in technical advisory roles, including Sophos, ForcePoint (Raytheon) and now Trend Micro.

Ian will share his knowledge on cloud security during his presentation “Cloud Native Everywhere and Security to Match.” Attendees will hear about the security challenges surrounding weak configurations, container and serverless threats in cloud-native environments, and will learn strategies to build securely and ship faster on AWS.

You can hear from these speakers and more than 30 other industry leaders at Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes Virtual Summit. To check out the agenda, the full lineup of speakers and to register (for free), visit the Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes Virtual Summit website.