DockerCon Barcelona day 2 highlights

Well day 2 of DockerCon Barcelona is in the books and today’s highlights are primarily big news from Docker.  A major theme from Docker is the Containers-as-a-Service program they are rolling out. More than just the container, Docker’s mission can be summed up as:

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.40.37 PM

This mission can be better illustrated perhaps with this graphic:

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.42.55 PM

A major part of this Containers-as-a-Service strategy was also announced at DockerCon today. They unveiled “Docker Universal Control Plane 1.0, an on-premises solution for deploying and managing Dockerized distributed applications in production on any infrastructure. With more than 40 percent of organizations using Docker to deploy distributed applications in production, organizations need a solution that can provide operational control without limiting developer productivity.

 With Docker Universal Control Plane, operations has the centralized controls required to provision the compute, network and storage resources to run Dockerized applications on any infrastructure, while providing developer teams agile self-service capabilities to deploy and manage applications. Although Docker Universal Control Plane is designed to be deployed as an on-premises solution, it can manage the simultaneous deployment of Dockerized applications on Docker hosts across multiple supported platforms, including bare metal, virtualized, private or public cloud.”

Again from the release, here is what Docker says how this all fits together:

Docker Universal Control Plane integrates seamlessly with Docker Trusted Registry to create the only on-premises, end-to-end commercial offering that delivers Containers as a Service (CaaS). CaaS is a framework in which operations delivers secure and manageable content through a self-service portal on programmable infrastructure to developers. The result is a continuous application delivery pipeline that is shared between developers and operations where agility and control are both foundational capabilities. This end-to-end approach on-premises is complemented by the combination of Docker Hub and Tutum, which Docker acquired in October this year, which are integrated to deliver CaaS as a cloud service.

You can read more about Universal Control Plane and Docker’s Containers-as-a-Service from their blog post.

Besides this news, it was rather light on other news because so many of the companies there had released news yesterday.  Here are recaps from today’s news:

Container Solutions release the Elasticsearch Mesos framework web-site.

Container Solutions have been working on the Elasticsearch Mesos framework with Cisco Intercloud services. On day two of DockerCon, they released the web-site which allows people to see the features of the framework, test it out and search through the code.

The Elasticsearch Mesos framework is free and available to download. It was developed as part of a the Mantl project which aims to enable cloud-native development. 

DCHQ Adds Four New Reference Customers of Its Container Management Software 

Dockercon EU exhibitor DCHQ has four new reference customers. Each has specific use cases that leverage the broad set of programming and operation automation environments that the software supports. is running a microservices architecture with containers developed on Java, JavaScript and C++. MarkaVIP is a Middle Eastern shopping community running a Magento PHP application with Nginx and MySQL. Streaming Networks is a digital video security provider running GlassFish with a MySQL Java application with ApacheDS for user authentication. is a personalized sales automation company running a high-availability Ruby application with Nginx, Redis, and Mongo. Read more about these customers here:

DCHQ builds container management software for enterprises using Docker, focused on application modeling, deployment and lifecycle management. More at and at booth #22.


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