Docker acquires Tutum, another piece in building a complete offering

Docker today announced that it has acquired the NY based, TechStars accelerated company Tutum which has developed a “cloud service to deploy and manage Dockerized applications into production on any infrastructure.” This is the latest in a series of acquisitions Docker has made of companies and technologies in the Docker ecosystem that help it round out a more robust and fuller offering.  Below is a timeline of Docker acquisitions:


Iborja-burgos-tutumn a bit of a small world coincidence, I actually met Borja Burgos, the CEO founder of Tutum at a Camp DevOps event that produced in Boulder back in mid 2014. At the time Borja and his partner were very early in rolling Tutum out. Since that time though they have done a terrific job working with customers and improving the product. From the Docker announcement the following quotes were offered:

“Before using Docker and Tutum, bringing our images into production was a very manual process that required the skills of a full time DevOps. Tutum helped us to reach the last mile when it comes to continuous deployment. Instead of trying to manage – sometimes obscure – deployment scripts, we now have a clean and intuitive web interface for everybody to deploy our Docker containers. After linking Tutum with our Docker registry and Slack, we have increased our productivity with a solution that never fails us!”

-Amine Mouafik, Chief Technology Officer at Continuous Software

“Tutum and Docker provides an end-to-end solution for our application workflow that has fundamentally transformed the way in which we service our clients. Orchestration, scaling, provisioning and administration have now become procedural tasks that can be handled by a first tier engineer. As a result, we have become more receptive to our clients’ needs because we can be more agile. For example, if a client is having a database issue in their WordPress environment, we can quickly containerize a Redis database to solve their bottleneck issue or come up with another creative solutions using Docker and Tutum and test our solution in the real world. Our ability to more rapidly respond to requests and issues has made our team much more valuable to our clients.”

-ET Cook, Chief Advocate,

We were at the point where getting new applications up and running with our existing tooling was taking days and a great deal of administrative pain. While we knew we wanted to Dockerize our applications, it wasn’t until we discovered Tutum and its capabilities around deployment and orchestration that we were able to realize the full value and flexibility of the Docker ecosystem. Since then, Tutum has been central to Gazelle’s migration of its applications to a Docker-oriented environment. We did test other tools before deciding on Tutum, and found Tutum’s model was by far the best solution for moving our business-critical applications into production.

-Max Newell, Director of DevOps, Gazelle

“In the analytics field, there is a lot of information that requires multiple services just to handle the background processing. In the past, building and deploying these applications involved a cumbersome configuration process that was both manual and time consuming. With Docker and Tutum, we have simplified tooling that empowers each engineer to scale their infrastructure through to production. The end result is a streamlined deployment process that reduces the time required to move applications into production from hours to minutes.”

-Danni Friedland, CEO of Jaco


“Tutum gives us the ability to easily and quickly deploy our Docker infrastructure. With Tutum, we don’t have to worry about building our own management platform – everything just pretty much works out of the box. We utilize stack files to define our applications and use Tutum’s api to integrate with our existing applications and infrastructure. With Tutum, we only have to worry about the health of our servers and coding. Tutum makes sure our applications scale correctly and are always available because they integrate with our monitoring system.”

-Stephen Hoogendijk, CTO of

As can be seen Tutum has done a nice job in building their business and it sounds like a great acquisition for Docker. Congratulations to Borja and the rest of the Tutum team and to Docker for another nice fit. The entire Tutum team, currently based in NY and Madrid will also be moving to San Francisco as part of the Docker team.

Alan Shimel

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