Diamanti Eyes Enterprises with Docker Appliance

Diamanti wants to make container deployment a plug-and-play affair with the launch of an infrastructure appliance powered by Docker and Kubernetes.

The company has announced the general availability of the appliance, called the D10, which can be plugged into infrastructure and deployed in seconds.

The idea, according to Diamanti, is to eliminate the complexity of getting up and running with a container environment. Instead of provisioning servers, installing Docker, setting up an orchestrator and then deploying containers, the Diamanti appliance provides the software and hardware you need all in one package.

Open-source fans will be pleased to know, too, that the appliance is built using open solutions. It comes with Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos baked in, and it runs on the CentOS Linux distribution.

Diamanti also announced $18 million in series B funding, bringing its total funding to $30 million.

Containers for the Enterprise

The D10 is clearly designed with large enterprise deployments in mind. It supports enterprise-class authentication and access control via LDAP, provides automatic failover and has received the regulatory approvals that large companies will need to deploy it easily.

Diamanti is promoting the D10 as the best solution for companies seeking to consolidate their infrastructure and increase software performance by taking advantage of containers. The company said in announcing D10 general availability that “enterprise users across media, financial services, and web infrastructure industries have deployed Diamanti and seen performance gains of more than 40 percent and 6X consolidation while meeting guaranteed application service levels.”

And the other key part of the value proposition, of course, is that there is very little setup required.

Is the Diamanti appliance what enterprises need to embrace containers in a big way? Complex deployment requirements are not the only reason why enterprises may so far not have chosen to use Docker, but it’s no doubt a factor. The Diamanti appliance can help significantly to smooth that challenge—at least for enterprises that decide that the Docker and Kubernetes-based framework that the appliance offers is the best Docker stack for them.

Christopher Tozzi

Christopher Tozzi

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