ContainerDays NYC 2015 update

Important venue info,
Thursday evening RSVP & more

ContainerDays NYC 2015 kicks off in just a few days. Here is some last-minute information:

Important venue info

You will need to sign in at the front desk when you get to the venue, so please bring photo ID: Microsoft NYC has let us know that they will not be able to admit anyone without one. Please also ensure that your ticket is inyour name. If it was purchased by someone else, please get in touch so we can ensure the front desk has the correct name(s) on the list.

Please mention that you are coming for ContainerDays NYC. The front desk team should then be able to direct you, and we’ll also try to have a couple of the organizers there to help.

Check the weather

Especially if you’re coming from sunny climes, please check the weather forecast before you finish packing. Things are looking good right now, but if the forecast changes an umbrella and/or rain jacket may not a bad idea.

Thu evening RSVP

If you chose Still undecided in answer to the question about attending the Thursday night party at the AWS Loft, please update that to Yes or No if you have a more definite idea now. Please also update your response if you are now able/no longer able to make it.

You should be able to update your response from the Tickets section of your Eventbrite account. Having an accurate idea of the numbers will help a lot with the organization, so thank you in advance!

Programme reminder

If you haven’t seen the programme recently, please take a quick look before Thursday to double-check on venue details, starting times, programme changes you might have missed, the location of the Thursday night party etc.

(Un)workshop preparation

If you’re planning to follow one of the workshops, or team up with some fellow attendees to experiment in an unworkshop session, please remember to:

  • bring your laptop
  • ensure any prerequisites (see the programme details page for prerequisites for the guided workshops) are met

Please also ensure your battery is fully charged, if possible. We will try to provide a bunch of power strips for you to charge up, but will probably not be able to enable everyone to be plugged in at the same time.

Talk recordings

We’re trying hard to ensure we can record all the talks and make the recordings available after the event.

There are still a few issues to be addressed, so we don’t want to promise anything at this point. But if this works out, it will hopefully allow everyone in the community to benefit from ContainerDays NYC 2015.

Keep an eye for an update after the event…

If you can’t make it

If you have a ticket but are unable to make the event, please take the few minutes to ask for a refund by emailing 2015-nyc-tickets () dynamicinfradays ! org. As a community event, we don’t want to take money from anyone who isn’t able to attend.

More importantly, this will allow us to pass on your ticket to someone on the waitlist, so you’ll gain some community karma points, too 😉

Previous updates

If you registered recently, chances are you will not have seen the previous update emails, which contain useful information about programme additions, the unworkshop concept, related events and more.

You can access all the previous updates from the archive.

ContainerDays NYC 2015 is a DynamicInfraDays event
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