Codenvy Report: Container VC Funding Totals $1.7B

Who’s adopting containers and DevOps, how much funding is DevOps technology securing and how fast is the container ecosystem growing? These are all questions Codenvy’s recent container “market map” helps to answer.

Codenvy released the market map, which charts the current state of the container and DevOps market and breaks it down according to different niches, on May 24. This is the second annual container market map Codenvy has produced.

A visualization of the report is available here and Codenvy described its findings in a blog post here.

If you’re looking for a quick sense of how rapidly the container and DevOps scenes are evolving and which form they’re taking, here are the key highlights from the market map and report:

  • There are 104 individual projects produced by 67 companies, of which 12 are public and 55 private.
  • Venture capital funding for these projects now totals $1.7 billion.
  • The biggest growth over the last year has occurred in the continuous development niche of the container/DevOps market.
  • Continuous deployment is the “most mature and crowded” part of the ecosystem, receiving $834.2 million in funding. But there is plenty of evidence of continuing growth on this front.
  • Container-based source code management is the newest part of the DevOps stack to emerge, with Bitbucket and GitLab introducing offerings in this area.

The one notable absence from the market map (which Codenvy did not mention in its blog post) was microservices. Docker displayed interest in this niche in January 2016 when it acquired Unikernel Systems, but Codenvy’s research provides no indication that unikernels or other types of microservices are present in the market yet.

It seems a safe bet, however, that microservices will gain more attention as they mature and as users look for even more lightweight and portable solutions than containers can provide. Expect to see microservices in next year’s Codenvy market map.

Christopher Tozzi

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