The Path to Cloud-Native Applications

A cloud-native application is an application built to take advantage of cloud computing models to increase speed, flexibility, and quality, while reducing deployment risks. Despite its name, a cloud-native approach is not focused on where applications are deployed, but instead on how applications are built, deployed, and managed.

Cloud-native approaches are similar to microservices architectures. However, although microser­vices can be one of the outcomes of building cloud-native applications, there are many steps to reach the level of maturity for managing microservices in production. Microservices are not required to take advantage of all the benefits provided by cloud-native apps. Many organizations achieve the benefits of cloud-native approaches by focusing on building better modular monoliths using the same principles.

Evolving toward cloud-native application development and delivery is multidimensional, affecting culture, processes, architecture, and technology. As such, this is a journey rather than a destination, representing a cycle of change that can be challenging to embrace.

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