August 21, 2017

ThousandEyes Integrates Docker Containers and Network Monitoring

Apr 13, 2016 0 1882

Network monitoring company ThousandEyes has become the latest vendor to integrate Docker containers into a commercial product. This week, the company announced that one of its monitoring tools, Enterprise Agents, can now run inside Docker containers for ...

Hyper-V Containers combine virtualization with containerization

Jun 5, 2015 3 2900

Containers are all the rage these days. You’re just not cool if you’re not using Docker or some other container technology to build and deploy your IT infrastructure. Traditional containers, however, lack sufficient security for some industries ...

Containers Are Designed For an Antiquated Application Architecture

Jun 5, 2015 1 2542

In his most recent GigaOm article, “We’re finally headed towards autonomous, self-migrating containers for cloud-application automation“, David Linthicum discusses the value that containers, such as Docker and CoreOS Rocket, are bringing to DevOps and cloud systems management. ...