CloudBees Embraces Kubernetes to Advance CI/CD

A CloudBees effort to make it easier to deploy the Jenkins continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform is taking shape, thanks to Kubernetes container orchestration software and support for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey says containers will make it substantially easier to set up the open

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CNCF Expands Kubernetes Storage Options

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) today moved a step closer to making persistent external storage more easily accessible to a Kubernetes cluster by formally adding beta support for the Container Storage Interface (CSI) and persistent local volumes. The latest version of Kubernetes, version 1.10, also adds an external client-go

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IBM Advances Cloud Container Strategy

This week at the IBM Think 2018 conference IBM expanded the scope of its support for containers by making additional middleware tools available as containers and revealing that it will add support Windows containers running applications to IBM Cloud Private platform later this year. Denis Kennelly, general manager for

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Docker Inc.’s 4 Big Business Challenges

Docker containers are wildly popular. Docker Inc., the company, however, faces some deep problems. Here’s a list of the challenges it needs to solve to remain relevant. The situation the company finds itself in today was hard to foresee a few years ago. Shortly after Docker containers became publicly available

Read more Brings Multicontainer Support to IoT Platforms

Use of containers as an alternative to hypervisors for building and deploying internet of things (IoT) applications took a step forward, as announced it has extended the ResinOS platform to enable the running multiple containers on the same IoT gateway or device. Alison Davis, director of product marketing and

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IBM Bets on Bare Metal Servers for Kubernetes

IBM this week expanded the scope of its ambitions for containers in the cloud by making available an instance of its managed cloud service that includes a bare-metal option for deploying Kubernetes. Jason McGee, vice president and CTO for IBM Cloud, says that as organizations become more comfortable with containers

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Google and Ubisoft Push Kubernetes for Video Game Industry

Hosting video games using Kubernetes—as Google’s new open source Agones project allows you to do—may not be the first Kubernetes use case that comes to mind. But it speaks volumes about just how much admins can now achieve with Kubernetes. On March 13, Google announced the release of Agones, an

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