June 23, 2018
David Geer

David Geer’s work has appeared in ScientificAmerican, The Economist Technology Quarterly, CSO & CSOonline, FierceMarkets, TechTarget, InformationWeek, Computerworld, Byte.com, ITWorld.com, IEEE Computer Society’s Computer magazine, IEEE Distributed Systems Online, Government Security News, Laptop, Smart Computing, Technical Support, The Hosting Standard (Canada), TechWorld.com (UK), SIGnature, Processor, and the Engineering News-Record. David served as a technician at CoreComm in Cleveland, OH prior venturing into writing.

Container, Host OS, Cloud Access Control And More

Mar 15, 2016 0 2626

For containers, host OSes and cloud environments, enterprises need to employ access controls that enable permissions that are necessary for an individual or group to perform their duties while disabling abilities that their jobs do not require. ...

Eldarion Leverages CoreOS To Rebuild Its Gondor PaaS Product

Mar 9, 2016 0 1447

Eldarion uses Python and Django for Web application development for clients such as Bosch, AOL, and the Cox Media Group. “We work with organizations around the world in a range of industries and sizes, from large enterprises ...

Container Security And The CDO

Mar 2, 2016 0 1608

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) has leapt into enterprise leadership as a permanent figure, guiding data management to ensure returns on the costs of precious data’s mere existence, including the price of its creation, warehousing, and protection. ...

Assertion: Containers Work Best In Conjunction With VMs

Feb 18, 2016 0 1486

Tom Phelan, former lead software engineer, VMware, now co-founder and Chief Architect, BlueData, believes that despite the disruption containers are causing, these software separators work best alongside of VMs and not as their substitutes (BlueData applies both ...

Logicworks Dissects Docker Destiny, Explains Statements, Q&A Style

Jan 19, 2016 0 1778

Logicworks makes three claims about the future of Docker and practical Docker utility in the enterprise. ContainerJournal examines those claims. Cross-System Deployment, Migration, and Automation Magic Logicworks Claim #1: “Companies will actually use Docker to deploy across ...

Docker Details You Need to Know

Jan 13, 2016 0 1606

DOCKER! (and containers) Docker’s visibility in the container space is around that of Microsoft in the OS space. As an example, Docker pops its head up here in a 451 Group commentary: “Docker and containers continue to ...

Reconsidering Container Security

Dec 2, 2015 0 1580

Logicworks Jason McKay, the company’s Senior Vice President and CTO takes the stance that there are no mature monitoring tools available that monitor access and events across multiple Docker containers or clusters. McKay referenced Gartner in support of ...