April 25, 2018
Christopher Tozzi

Christopher Tozzi has covered technology and business news for nearly a decade, specializing in open source, containers, big data, networking and security. He is currently Senior Editor and DevOps Analyst with Fixate.io and Sweetcode.io.

How Docker Changed Linux Admins’ Lives

Apr 13, 2018 0 717

One way of measuring Docker’s impact is to consider which IT Ops problems have become irrelevant thanks to containers. The yum versus apt debate is one such problem that admins no longer have to worry about because ...

DevOps and Containers: Imagining a World Without Docker

Apr 5, 2018 0 456

What would DevOps look like if Docker didn’t exist? As we mark the fifth anniversary of Docker, that’s a question worth asking. Here are some thoughts on how very different the world of DevOps would be if ...

4 Reasons to Use Docker on Your Linux Desktop

Apr 3, 2018 0 531

Most Docker use cases involve deploying applications on servers. But Docker also can be a great tool for a desktop Linux system. Here’s why. I know: Most folks don’t use desktop Linux. Even developers who create applications to ...

3 Silly Docker Container Projects

Apr 2, 2018 0 483

A Docker container can support a wide variety of use cases—including some that are just plain silly. Here’s a look at examples of just-for-fun or experimental projects that you probably don’t expect to encounter in the world ...

Docker Inc.’s 4 Big Business Challenges

Mar 21, 2018 0 429

Docker containers are wildly popular. Docker Inc., the company, however, faces some deep problems. Here’s a list of the challenges it needs to solve to remain relevant. The situation the company finds itself in today was hard ...

Google and Ubisoft Push Kubernetes for Video Game Industry

Mar 14, 2018 0 346

Hosting video games using Kubernetes—as Google’s new open source Agones project allows you to do—may not be the first Kubernetes use case that comes to mind. But it speaks volumes about just how much admins can now ...

Do FreeBSD and OpenBSD Need Docker Containers?

Mar 12, 2018 0 871

Are OpenBSD and FreeBSD the next big frontier for Docker? Probably not. But efforts are underway to make containers run on OpenBSD and FreeBSD—which is kind of interesting if you’re into operating system diversity. If you know ...

Will Docker Ever Totally Kill Virtual Machines?

Mar 6, 2018 0 816

Docker containers are everywhere. Kubernetes is a household word (in geek households, at least). Yet the question remains: Will containers ever totally displace virtual machines? That’s a question worth asking as Docker’s fifth birthday approaches. Predictions about ...

Report Highlights Enterprise Container Adoption Trends

Mar 5, 2018 0 536

What’s standing between enterprises and container adoption? EMA Top 3 explains in a new report about containers in the enterprise. The report, which was released March 1, contains insights based on a survey of 300 enterprises about ...