August 16, 2017
Christopher Tozzi

Christopher Tozzi has covered technology and business news for nearly a decade, specializing in open source, containers, big data, networking and security. He is currently Senior Editor and DevOps Analyst with and

Identifying Security Weak Points in a Docker Environment

Aug 16, 2017 0 47

As Docker adoption increases, so does visibility into Docker containers’ security weaknesses. Here’s an overview of the types of security and privacy vulnerabilities that have been discovered in Docker containers so far. Docker environments are complicated, more ...

For Portability, VMs Still Beat Docker Containers

Aug 15, 2017 0 148

Docker containers have many advantages. Arguably, portability is not one of them. Here’s why containers are less portable than virtual machines. Defining Portability Portability means the ability to move an application—in other words, port it—from one host ...

‘Secure by Default’: Docker’s Container Security Messaging

Aug 9, 2017 0 213

Containers are not only “secure by default.” They’re more secure than virtual machines. This, at least, is the thesis that Docker is pushing as container technology matures. Is it accurate? For the first few years following Docker’s ...

How to Make Docker Containers Faster and Improve Performance

Aug 4, 2017 0 369

Your Docker containers are already fast, at least compared to virtual machines. But what if you want to make them even faster? Here are strategies for optimizing Docker container speed and performance. If you’re using Docker, it’s ...

Are Containers Killing the Operating System?

Aug 1, 2017 0 381

The operating system was once the most important part of your software stack. In today’s containerized world, however, operating systems are dead—well, almost. Let me explain. Traditionally, when production environments ran on bare metal, the operating system ...

Docker is Feature-Complete, But it Could Offer Even More

Jul 28, 2017 0 264

Is Docker feature-complete? In other words, has the Docker platform gained all the functionality that its users require to be fully productive and secure when deploying containers? The short answer is yes—but there are more features Docker ...

Cloudify Orchestration Platform Forms Basis for New Company

Jul 27, 2017 0 290

How important have orchestration tools grown? Important enough for GigaSpaces to spin off Cloudify, which offers orchestration for containers, cloud applications and much more, into a company of its own. The move, which Cloudify announced July 27, ...

Container Security: Who’s Doing It and How It Will Evolve

Jul 25, 2017 2 450

As Docker has grown in popularity, so has the number of container security platforms available to help harden Docker environments against attack. Here’s an overview of the container security landscape today and how it is likely to ...