Docker Inc. CEO Lays Out Strategy

What Kubernetes’ Docker Deprecation Means for You

Will Kubernetes’ deprecation of Docker put a knife in its historic run? Probably not. But there is a lot to consider, and it is not just the technical aspects that scare me ...
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OpenTelemetry Offers Business Continuity for Monitoring

Very soon two popular open source projects, OpenCensus and OpenTracing, will be fully merged to make what I believe to be one of the most powerful tools for sustainable DevOps environments, and ...
Threat Stack monolith microservices

Should You Move Your Monolith to Microservices?

Sometimes, breaking the monolith into microservices is not a good idea. Here’s why, and how to make the right choice The monolith, with all its strength and power, is a pillar of ...
IBM cloud

Best of 2019: Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Kubernetes

As we close out 2019, we at Container Journal wanted to highlight the five most popular articles of the year. Following is the fifth in our weeklong series of the Best of ...
DockerCon 2016: 'Batteries Included'

DockerCon 2016: ‘Batteries Included’

Docker, the DevOps darling is growing up, and DockerCon 2016 was proof of that. It seems like just yesterday I did a pull of my first image from the hub, LAMP or ...
When Adopting Docker, Storage Matters!

When Adopting Docker, Storage Matters!

Some call me a Docker skeptic. But I prefer to think of myself as so excited about the technology that ineffective adoption is a bummer. While Docker has dominated the DevOps conversation, ...
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Docker Images: not that special

Docker Images: not that special

It is really hard to refute the power of the container driven pipeline. The ability to move containers reduces risk, increases speed, and fosters the continuous delivery dream. Whether it is Docker ...

Druva finds a path to Docker with

It takes guts to become an early adopter of Docker. And if you are apart of a larger, already established development team, it also takes some strategy as well. So you have ...
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DCHQ Seeks to Make Full Stack Deploy Possible

DCHQ Seeks to Make Full Stack Deploy Possible

We are used to thinking of applications as just their code. But in order for communication to increase, bugs to decrease, feed the thirst for speed, and respond to security risks, the ...
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Will Rancher change container clouds?

Will Rancher change container clouds?

Using Docker on a local machine or VM on an ad-hoc basis is OK. But as soon as you involve other team members and the delivery chain it simply cannot work. This ...
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