February 22, 2018
Chris Riley

Chris Riley (@HoardingInfo) is a technologist and DevOps analyst for Fixate IO. Helping organizations make the transition from traditional development practices to a modern set of culture, tooling, and processes that increase the release frequency and quality of software. He is an O'Reilly author, speaker, and subject matter expert in the area of DevOps Strategy, Machine Learning, and Information Management.

DockerCon 2016: ‘Batteries Included’

Jun 27, 2016 2 1486

Docker, the DevOps darling is growing up, and DockerCon 2016 was proof of that. It seems like just yesterday I did a pull of my first image from the hub, LAMP or something, and was off and ...

When Adopting Docker, Storage Matters!

Mar 21, 2016 0 2340

Some call me a Docker skeptic. But I prefer to think of myself as so excited about the technology that ineffective adoption is a bummer. While Docker has dominated the DevOps conversation, by and large its adoption ...

Docker Images: not that special

Nov 24, 2015 0 1353

It is really hard to refute the power of the container driven pipeline. The ability to move containers reduces risk, increases speed, and fosters the continuous delivery dream. Whether it is Docker or some future alternative, containers ...

Druva finds a path to Docker with Calm.io

Oct 12, 2015 1 3114

It takes guts to become an early adopter of Docker. And if you are apart of a larger, already established development team, it also takes some strategy as well. So you have to balance a complex equation, ...

DCHQ Seeks to Make Full Stack Deploy Possible

Aug 17, 2015 0 2158

We are used to thinking of applications as just their code. But in order for communication to increase, bugs to decrease, feed the thirst for speed, and respond to security risks, the application needs to be considered ...

Will Rancher change container clouds?

Jul 22, 2015 0 2121

Using Docker on a local machine or VM on an ad-hoc basis is OK. But as soon as you involve other team members and the delivery chain it simply cannot work. This is where orchestration tools come ...

DockerCon15 – Docker for Grown Ups

Jul 6, 2015 0 2191

What does Docker want to be? An amazing tool built by developers for developers, or the modern enterprise pipeline, where containers drive everything? While containers are not new, there is no question that Docker has taken them ...