Overview of Node-RED 1.0 Release

Low-code, visual-based programming environments are opening doors for new types of application developers. At the same time, new event-driven architectures are making such environments more responsive. Node-RED, a visual flow-based programming tool, ...

Istio 1.3: What’s New, What’s Coming

Here’s a look at the features included in Istio 1.3 Istio is an open source service mesh that enables developers to “connect, secure, control, and observe services.” Spearheaded by Google, IBM and ...
Real-Time Distributed Microservices

Apache Kafka: Creating Real-Time Distributed Microservices

Apache Kafka is proving its mettle in the burgeoning microservices space Research values the global microservices industry at $1.8 billion, and microservices deployments continue to rise across the board. With that sort ...
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5 Container Alternatives to Docker

Though Docker still made up 83 percent of containers in 2018, that number is down from 99 percent in 2017. Other container runtime environments including CoreOS rkt, Mesos, lxc and others are ...
Crypto Anchors Thwart Container Security Breaches

Using Crypto Anchors to Thwart Container Security Breaches

With new cyberattacks occurring week by week, security is now an extremely critical focus for all engineering teams. It’s also influencing the creation of new ways to prevent attacks. Crypto anchors, one ...
Kubernetes REST API

Best of 2018: Introduction to Using the Kubernetes REST API

As we close out 2018, we at Container Journal wanted to highlight the five most popular articles of the year. Following is the third in our weeklong series of the Best of ...
Audit Docker Container Security

Methods to Audit Docker Container Security

Container adoption is off the charts. With more enterprises passing valuable data through these containers, security has become a chief priority for maintaining stability and for meeting new international data regulations such ...
Extend the Core Kubernetes API

Ways to Extend the Core Kubernetes API

Kubernetes has become a powerful tool for container orchestration. We’ve already covered the benefits of utilizing the Kubernetes REST API to improve the Kubernetes experience, but did you know you can further ...
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Using Docker Cloud REST API

Using Docker Cloud REST API To Enhance Automation

Docker Cloud is a well-known platform as a service (PaaS) that offers a registry, testing and build faculties for Docker images. It has a nice, clean web UI, but there may be ...
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