June 22, 2018
B. Cameron Gain

B. Cameron Gain first began writing about technology when he hacked the Commodore 64 family computer in the early 1980s and documented his exploit. Since his misspent youth, he has put his obsession with software development to better use by writing thousands of papers, manuals, and articles for both online and print. His byline has appeared in Wired, PCWorld, Technology Review, Popular Science, EEtimes, and numerous other media outlets.

Kontena Touts Kubernetes Platform’s User-Friendliness

May 16, 2018 0 256

It is safe to assume most organizations, whether they want to test Kubernetes or scale existing clusters for major deployments, seek a distribution that offers high-powered features and is easy to install and use. Finland-based Kontena says ...

Camunda Hopes to Solve Microservices Analytics Conundrum

Apr 17, 2018 0 502

The advantages microservices offer are many, including allowing applications to be broken down into different modules that can be replaced or modified without interrupting business processes. The benefits also include the ability to configure, test and deploy ...

Rancher’s Longhorn Project Brings Distributed Storage to Kubernetes

Apr 4, 2018 0 615

Rancher is expanding the scope of its Longhorn Project by extending the distributed storage platform to support all available Kubernetes clusters, as the open source software firm continues to bet on Kubernetes’ continued massive-scale adoption. Rancher began ...

IBM’s Container Efforts Powerful, But Pose Security Challenges

Mar 29, 2018 0 390

IT organizations may not have the requisite security controls to take advantage of new container-related tools and services IBM announced this month. Traditional on-premises security tools, even those configured to ward off modern-day threats, will largely lack ...

Docker Expands Windows Desktop Support, Automates Kubernetes Clusters

Mar 9, 2018 0 757

Docker wants to make Kubernetes management on a Windows desktop more robust—and easier. Docker’s recently introduced Windows Desktop 18.02 Edge release includes, among other features, an option to automate the installation of a Kubernetes cluster and better ...