Mashape Looks to Strengthen Kong API Gateway for Microservices

Mashape Looks to Strengthen Kong API Gateway for Microservices

Gateways that facilitate integration across application programming interfaces (APIs) are the engines that have driven the API economy for much of the past decade. But as IT organizations increasingly embrace microservices, some ...
3Scale Deploys API Gateway as a Docker Image

3Scale Deploys API Gateway as a Docker Image

By definition, the API economy is dependent on providing developers with access to a broad range of back-end applications and services that can be invoked easily. But with the rise of microservices, ...
app delivery Flux Anchore Atomist Announces Software Delivery

The Future of App Delivery: The Next Five Years

Application delivery is moving fast and has recently seen significant advances in centralized control, containerization, integration and intelligence. If we follow these threads and broader industry trends, what more might we see ... Kong What is Service Mesh

When Is Service Mesh Worth It?

Service mesh is getting a lot of interest these days, especially as new meshes enter the market to join Istio, Linkerd and Kuma as established open source options. The technology brings a common ...
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EaaS edge CFF

Q&A: What is Edge-as-a-Service (EaaS)?

As technology advances, consumers are demanding faster, more personalized, and more secure digital experiences, and it’s a steep challenge for existing centralized and cloud application delivery models to keep up with these ...
cloud-native security Nutanix

Cybersecurity and Cloud-Native Application Connectivity

The Colonial Pipeline hack and the shutdown of the U.S.’s largest fuel pipeline was only one of many recent ransomware attacks on our nation’s hospitals, financial institutions and critical infrastructure. Can government ...
Kubermatic workflow

Kubermatic K8s Platform 2.17 Automates Multi-Cluster Backups 

Kubermatic has added automated backups and replications and other features to its Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) 2.17 release, as the multi-cluster Kubernetes platform provider seeks to offer a more comprehensive platform to ...
Upbound control plane Kubermatic Crossplane

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Supports OPA Integration 

Kubernetes’ drawbacks — the enormous advantages it offers, aside— include missing universal security management features, both for clusters and the containers it was designed to orchestrate. Historically, completely different APIs, tools and ...

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.16 Delivers On State of the-Art Policy Enforcement

Integration of Open Policy Agent Empowers Central Policy Management Across the Entire Cloud Native Stack   HAMBURG, February 10, 2021 — Kubermatic, a leading Kubernetes automation provider that simplifies cloud native operations at ...
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Kong Raises $100 Million to Accelerate Cloud Connectivity

Series D Round Led by Tiger Global Management, Catapulting Company Valuation to $1.4B SAN FRANCISCO – February 8, 2021 – Kong Inc., the cloud connectivity company, today announced it has closed $100 million in Series D ...
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