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Mark, Torsten and Alan discuss the findings of the “Disrupting the Economics of Software Testing Through AI” report. The report identifies critical factors that hinder software engineering and DevOps teams including the escalating costs of quality control, and growing complexity associated with the increasing release velocity, number of smart devices, operating systems, and programming languages. […] The post Techstrong TV: Scratching the Surface of Testing Through AI appeared first on DevOps.com. [...]

Next-Level Tech: DevOps Meets CSOps

Operations are some of the most important aspects of an organization. In tech, DevOps has dominated the conversation due to its necessity in keeping up with the rate of building products, applications and infrastructure with code. DevOps encompasses much more than a team of developers; it is a culture, a set of practices and tools […] The post Next-Level Tech: DevOps Meets CSOps appeared first on DevOps.com. [...]

The Benefits of a Distributed Cloud

The way applications are created has changed dramatically in just a few short years. It’s now all about rapid assembly and integration; applications built using microservices and containerized. Containers and the cloud have certainly been the catalyst for this progress and will continue to be the infrastructure on which developers create new and innovative applications.  […] The post The Benefits of a Distributed Cloud appeared first on DevOps.com. [...]