June 25, 2017

VMware Ties Kubernetes to Integrated OpenStack

Aug 26, 2016 1 1395

As part of a broader effort to make sure that VMware virtual machines are employed within an OpenStack environment, VMware this week at an OpenStack East conference demonstrated how an open source Kargo tool can be used ...

Docker, System Containers and VMs: Virtuozzo’s Take

Aug 17, 2016 0 1771

Docker continues to dominate the container and microservices landscape. But Virtuozzo, which develops a related but different technology that it calls system containers, thinks Docker falls short in production environments. Here’s why. Virtuozzo containers are based on ...

Linux Containers: Comparing LXC and Docker

Aug 5, 2016 0 2831

As industry moves beyond the virtual machine (VM) consolidation paradigm, several types of containers have become prominent. Two flavors in particular currently enjoy the lion’s share of deployments on the Linux operating system: Docker and LXC. While BSD ...