February 28, 2017

Should You Migrate to Docker Containers? Not Always

Feb 16, 2017 0 367

Docker containers are one of the most popular things in IT right now. But you probably learned in kindergarten that what is popular is not always right. So before jumping on the container train, you should make ...

Testing LXD, Canonical’s Container Hypervisor for Linux

Nov 17, 2016 3 1274

Canonical is betting that LXD, which it calls the “pure-container hypervisor,” can beat VMware, KVM and other traditional hypervisors. To see for myself, I recently gave it a whirl. Here’s what I found. By “pure-container hypervisor,” Canonical ...

Is Being Open Source Docker’s Killer Feature?

Oct 26, 2016 0 453

What’s driving Docker’s popularity? There are lots of obvious factors. But here’s one that receives less attention: Docker is free and open source. Here’s why that matters more than people may realize. If you’re familiar with Docker, you ...