March 26, 2017

Red Hat Optimizes Ansible Docker Support

Jun 6, 2016 0 1729

With thousands of containers soon to descend on enterprise IT systems everywhere, most IT organizations will have little choice when it comes to relying more on IT automation frameworks. To enable higher levels of IT automation to ...

Containers can cut costs and improve flexibility

Dec 1, 2015 0 1062

Containerization is part of the move to mode 2 computing, says Colin McCabe, director of consulting and training at Red Hat. It is being used not only for new applications being developed, but also for deploying packaged ...

Nine must read container blog posts

Jul 8, 2015 0 2321

Don’t be afraid to admit it. If you are like many folks, even in IT, you may have heard about containers, Docker and the like, but you aren’t 100% up to speed on them. What are its ...